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The Privilege of Daily Service

Over the years, many men and women, skilled and unskilled, old and young, from every walk of life, have joined our short-term and long-term staff. If you are interested in serving with us as part of our long-term core crew or in serving short-term or (if you are local to Lake Charles, Louisiana) to help daily, Friend Ships is happy to have you. Each of these ways of serving is a vital part of helping the Friend Ships team show God’s love to a hurting world.

We are currently accepting applications for long-term and short-term volunteers. We have positions available for engineers, electricians, electronic technicians, mechanics, pipefitters, housekeepers, office workers, ship’s mates, deckhands, welders, plumbers, drivers, carpenters, cooks, groundskeepers, gardeners, and many others.

Full Volunteer

Every member of the Friend Ships team is an unpaid volunteer.

Completely Free

Serving with Friend Ships is free of charge.

Share your passion for helping others around the world.

If you are interested in applying for Friend Ships for either short-term or long-term service, please fill out the online questionnaire or click here to print the questions or copy/paste to an email. We will email back to you and send you an application.

Friend Ships – USA

It all starts at Port Mercy, Louisiana. Please fill out this questionnaire if you would like to serve with us at Port Mercy in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Start Here

Friend Ships International – ISRAEL

Fill out this questionnaire if you are interested in Middle East missions

Start Here - International

Volunteer Groups –  USA & International – ISRAEL

If you’re interested in bringing a volunteer group, please start by filling out this questionnaire