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Port Mercy - FriendShips

Port Mercy, the 20- acre Friend Ships home base in Lake Charles, Louisiana is where planning, preparation, and logistics take place for all missions,  domestic and international.  Here we house our ships, full-time volunteers,  equipment, and supplies.  We collect commodities for humanitarian aid and distribute them to organizations that assist the homeless, sick, impoverished, or victims of natural disasters, human trafficking, or war.

Port Mercy - Visiting Groups

Here at PortMercy, We have a wonderful group from Missouri State University group – Christian Campus House. They are with us all week and started the day by offloading supplies from the ship that need to be discarded. They will move on later today to chipping the deck and preparing it for primer and paint.

The Greenhouse

As food prices are soaring, a long-time vision is unfolding, to grow fresh vegetables for our local poor and needy and the Port Mercy team. One of our newest projects is the construction and operation of a commercial-size greenhouse. Church and school teams, along with many individuals. volunteered their time recently to help our full-time staff erect this wonderful greenhouse. This fall, we started to produce food. Thank you, Lord, for your abundant provision.

Other Projects at Port Mercy

Other ongoing projects include restoring Port Mercy from hurricane damage we suffered to buildings and equipment and repairs, maintenance and upgrades to Friend Ships Integrity, an amazing tool for disaster relief. The ship carries 1000 tons of cargo, is able to house a large team of workers, is fuel efficient, has global internet capabilities, and has a rear ramp door. This enables us to offload in a wide variety of ways, including at anchor, onto smaller vessels that shuttle supplies to shore when the disaster area is not able to be approached by a deep draft ship, and to work with or without cranes when port facilities are damaged and out of service. We will be restoring and improving the navigation bridge and housing areas, refurbishing and painting the deck and hull, performing engine repairs, and taking the ship to drydock for additional repairs.

Wondering how you can help?

Get Involved - Serve with us

Your service can make a big difference at Port Mercy in Lake Charles, LA – Long-term or short-term. (Teams or groups are welcome to email us for availability).

StoreHouse One

Friend Ships rescues useable food that would otherwise be destroyed and distributes it to organizations and churches in the community that are assisting the poor, sick, elderly or homeless. To date, 66 million pounds of food has been collected and distributed. Not only is food given to those in need, but the program provides prayer and a personal touch that encourages those who are going through difficult times.

October 3, 2022 – We are providing food to a Lake Charles ministry that provides housing for homeless men and women.

The Riverboat - Refitting and transforming

At Port Mercy

The River Boat is being refitted from a former gambling facility to Christian Conference Center.  The River Boat is currently hosting a fellowship service, please contact us for details. Events will grow to include youth seminars, prayer events, worship services, children’s activities, and more.