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September 24, 2020

Today so much was accomplished!  The distribution tent was busy with much ministry. Some residents are just returning to their homes now and many of the larger distributions in town are wrapping up services so our visitors are increasing. People are so happy to receive prayer. We have found that often, it is not immediately after a disaster that people need the most support but instead a few weeks later when what lays ahead starts to weigh in. What better encouragement than to look to the Lord from whom our help comes!

We received food and supplies from Red Cross today and were given a donation of great medical supplies from our health center in the Middle East. Saturday we have another load of supplies coming in for the Lake Charles community and we confirmed a donation of a semi load of comforters, blankets, pillows and more.

We had use of a bobcat for the day and were able to accomplish a lot of clean up. We made more progress in deposing of debris and damaged goods.

Another Sea Hawk alumni, a wonderful young man who served faithfully with us for several years in Israel and Syria, arrived to help. Some great friends from Texas came in to make needed repairs including our laundry room roof that had collapsed and the divers team returned today to work on our critical projects that require their specialized skills.

Lunch today was an amazing Mexican plate and most appreciated by all!  Thank you for your prayers. Please continue. If you are not on our mailing list to receive our monthly Activities Report and would like to be, please email your name and email address or physical address to

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