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October 12, 2020

Today we started to distribute commodities once again to the community.  If you would like to contribute, we are running low on water,  hygiene supplies including women’s products, baby items, cleaning products, canned goods and paper products to distribute.  We can always use funds to purchase what we need.

Please keep the people of Southwest Louisiana in your prayers. If you have never been through a natural disaster it is hard to imagine the stress and discouragement it brings as your whole world is disrupted. And now, just as they start to recover, a second storm sets back progress.

Thousands have lost homes and businesses. That is why it is so important to our work to pray with each person that comes, to take our eyes off the circumstances and put them on the Lord who provides our hope, our help, our endurance and our peace. Eph 6:13 . . .having done all, to stand.

Click Here if you would like to be on one of the teams