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Friend Ships is working to help the people of the Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.  Currently, we have sent: we have shipped 60 tons of roofing material to the Bahamas so far.  That is about 225,000 square feet of high performance industrial fabric from Seaman Corporation. We are preparing our ship integrity to deliver additional fabric and other humanitarian aid. She carries 1000 tons or 40,000 cubic feet of supplies.

To get started, we plan to send a truckload of roofing material on a commercial ship while we further research conditions for bringing in one of our own ships. We would like to use our own vessel so that we are able to best reach overlooked and remote communities and the organizations assisting them. We are in need of volunteers to help prepare the ship – people who have skills to help with deck and engine repairs and maintenance.

Click Here if you are interested and available