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Field Clinic - Camp Ichay On the Israel/Syria borderFIELD CLINIC - Camp Ichay On the Israel/Syria border

Camp Ichay - Doctors NeededFriend Ships has established a medical field clinic and humanitarian base on the border between Israel and Syria to care for Syrian war victims.

The camp is located in the Golan Heights, in an area of about 80,000 people. Many have moved to this area for safety, having been driven from their homes. Others are residents who have had access to only extremely limited medical care. The camp is located in the demilitarized zone on the border between Syria and Israel. We offer services you would find at a family clinic.

To help us operate Camp Ichay:

We continue to take donations of new underwear and warm socks, shoes, warm coats, blankets and linens at Port Mercy- 1019 N. First Avenue, Lake Charles, LA. 70601.

To financially support Camp Ichay online, click here to online>>>


We are in need of medical providers, interpreters (English/Arabic), security personnel and site workers. If you would like to apply to serve at the field camp, answer the following questions and email them back to us.  Please feel free to email any additional questions along with your answers to the following questions and someone will respond to your email as soon as possible.


If you are interested in going to Camp Ichay - to serve at the current mission. Click here to fill out online questionnaire form to volunteer at Camp Ichay or you can copy and paste below questions into your email:

1. Name, age and where you currently live.

2. Physical limitations or health conditions.

3. How you heard about this mission/project.

4. Your Skills and experience (in particular mission experience).

5. Can you tolerate hot and cold environments?

6. Do you speak any other languages? How fluent?

7. Are you willing to work in an unstable environment (war zone)?

8. When are you available and for how long?

9. Are you able to provide your airfare to and from Tel Aviv (approximately $800-$1200)?

10. Is your passport USA? (If not specify country) When does it expire.

11. Please tell us about your interest in serving at Friend Ships Field Camp Ichay.

Please note these questions are to serve at Camp Ichay - Israel/Syria. Please feel free to email any additional questions with the above answers.
For Medical personnel:
For all others:

After receiving your email and answering the questionnaire, we will respond with an application and/or related information.

Friend Ships stands ready to respond when communities in the U.S. or in the Western Hemisphere are devastated by hurricanes, floods, earthquakes or other disasters. Once it is determined that our organization can make a significant contribution to help disaster victims, we will move a team into the area with the equipment required to provide food service, commodity distribution, house to house assistance and spiritual encouragement. If appropriate we may also provide search and rescue, sand-bagging, water purification, emergency broadcasting, pet rescue, medical services and pharmaceutical support, roof repair, house gutting and chain saw services. If you would like to support this effort, click here to online>>>
Friend Ships rescues useable food that would otherwise be destroyed and distributes it to organizations and churches in the community who are assisting the poor, sick, elderly or homeless. To date, 65 million pounds of food has been collected and distributed. Not only is food given to those in need, but this program provides prayer and a personal touch that does even more to help and encourage those who are going through difficult times.
Friend Ships Medical Missions provides services and medicine to people who are otherwise without access to this care. At present, our team is working in a devastated, war-torn area of the Middle East to provide medical treatment and food service to people who have no other resources. If you would like to support this effort, click here to online>>>

2017 Team Israels 2017 Israel TeamSEA HAWKS:
Sea Hawks is an all-scholarship Friend Ships training program for young adults. It is a one to three-year program that takes new recruits each August and gives them an opportunity to draw closer to the Lord, become physically fit, learn self-defense, work skills and have humanitarian aid training and experience. Click here, for more information.
All programs are provided free of charge. All staff are volunteer. The work is truly faith based. We go and He provides. Positions are available for full time crew, short term volunteers, church and organization work teams and medical staff. If you are interested in being involved, Click here to email.


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