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Friend Ships Key Staff Members

Don Tipton, Director & Founder
Sondra Tipton, Director & Founder
Teresa Shields, Director & Missions Director
Murray Douglas, Director of Sea Hawks – Missions Logistics
Sheray Morrison, Director- Camp Ichay – Medical Missions
Ray George, Director – Food Operations West

Ray Caldoza, Projects
Sam Caldoza, Food Operations  & Projects
Nora Carr, Homeschool Instructor – FS Academy

Deb, Homeschool – FS Academy
Chip Castaine, Projects
Carla Douglas, Technical Supervisor, Webmaster, Communications
John Fleming, Transportation, Errands & Small Projects
Steve Maas, Ships Engineering & Projects
Debbie Maas, Home Care
Shane Rogers, PT Instructor – Sea Hawks
Hannah Rogers, Home Care & Medical Mission Coordinator
Shay Shields, Projects
Joe Don Simmons, Mechanical Supervisor & Projects
KeKe Simmons, Home Care & Food Services
Maddie Simmons, Projects
Captain Ron Tipton, Pilot
Stuart Ver Wys, Projects